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Welcome to Lobmeyer Seed Farms!

We are located south of Garden City, Kansas. We sell bulk Certified and Registered Seed Wheat. Our goal is to bring you the finest wheat genetics available. We are proudly affiliated with AgriPro Wheat, the Kansas Wheat Alliance, and PlainsGold. All of our wheat varieties are well adapted to the unique climate of Southwest Kansas.

Dryland? Irrigated? Grazing? Grain? We have the right varieties for you! All of our seed is grown, harvested and conditioned either by us or under our direct supervision to insure that you receive the quality and purity that you deserve. Our seed is pure, weed free, and easy to plant. Any seed we sell has met the strict requirements of the Kansas Crop Improvement Association for Certified Seed.

Don't take a chance with your livelihood!

Plant Kansas Certified Seed from Lobmeyer Seed Farms.

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